Reputation Score is the only metric that goes beyond ratings & reviews to give the most-detailed view of what people say, feel and think about a business.

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How It Works

Reputation Score aggregates your entire reputation across millions of data points into a single metric, allowing you to fully understand overall brand health and future growth potential.


The patented algorithms behind Reputation Score are based on over a decade of deep machine learning and provide businesses of all sizes with a reliable index of brand performance.


Key areas of Reputation Score include Visibility, Engagement and Sentiment to deliver the most-accurate view of what people feel, say and think about a business. Factors of these categories include: Star Rating, Search Impressions, Social Engagement, Listing Accuracy, Review Volume, Review Spread, Review Recency, Review Length and Review Responses.


Scores can fluctuate from day-to-day based on current feedback results and business activities. Reputation Clients can access their score details directly within the platform dashboard and scores presented here may differ from the in-platform score.

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